Tree Felling

Our Tree Felling Services

Felling involves cutting down a tree and doing so in such a way that it lands in a place you want.

Landing the tree is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to tree felling, and that’s why you should only use experts with the correct training and qualifications.

When a tree is felled, especially large trees, there is a risk of damage to your property, a neighbour’s property or even risk of injury to a person nearby.

So, while anyone might offer to cut your tree down, getting your tree safely onto the ground and in the place you planned takes planning and skill. And once it’s in the right place the rest of your tree removal becomes so much easier.


Why Fell a Tree?

Tree felling can happen for a number of reasons.

The tree might have grown too big, branches and other parts might be causing a nuisance or perhaps a storm or other extreme weather has caused the tree to pose a serious danger.

But perhaps the most common reason you might need our professional services is because your tree is diseased or has died.

Whatever the reason, it is safer if a tree is removed before it begins to fall.


Professional Standards in Tree Felling

Safety is our priority at Crestwood. That means your safety and the safety of those in our teams. Handling arboricultural equipment is dangerous so our team is NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK for arboricultural and forestry competences.

What’s more we follow proper practice in working with chainsaws and work in line with British Standard 3998, the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines, as well as HSE regulations.


At Crestwood, Planning is Vital

There’s more to felling a tree than simply securing the branches and making the cut. How the tree interacts with the surrounding area is hugely important. And weather such as wind can affect the direction the tree falls.

It may be tempting to think it’s easy enough to grab a chainsaw and start, but there are many cutting tools for felling a tree. The correct tool depends on the size and type of tree.

Power lines and other structures might interfere with the tree as it’s coming down and the way the tree’s branches are distributed have the potential to cause damage when the tree is being removed. A tree that’s rotten can splinter as it’s being cut. Branches that are loose can cause serious damage and injury. So we look to remove these first by pruning the trunk if necessary.

We also look at the trees nearby. As professional arboriculturalists, we know how hazardous it is if a tree gets caught in the branches of a nearby tree on the way down.

This planning is vital before we choose the right cutting technique for your tree.

But our experienced climbers and groundsmen have the expertise and knowledge for these situations, while always keeping people and property safe.


Do You Offer Tree Felling Near Me?

Crestwood operates its tree felling throughout Essex. We have over 10 years’ experience and everyone on our team is NPTC qualified, the professional UK standard for the arboricultural and forestry industry.

We also have £10m public liability insurance and each member of our team is individually insured too.