Over time the crown of a tree will grow thick. This might prevent light or air passing through. It might block a picturesque view. This is where tree thinning can help.

Crown thinning is the process of removing certain branches to reduce how full or thick the growth has become. Crown thinning does not affect or alter the size or shape of the tree. It is however, the systematic removal of smaller branches to reduce the tree’s fullness. It helps things like wind resistance or as mentioned, allows light to pass through more freely.

With proper techniques, tree thinning creates a balanced crown structure without altering the shape or size of the tree. It also reduces the weight on heavy limbs and removes dead, weak, overreaching or duplicated branches.


Tree Thinning Near Me

Crestwood offer arboricutural services across Essex.

Our technicians are NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK for arboricultural and forestry services. We also follow British Standard 3998, the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines, and HSE regulations.

Pruning a tree causes stresses which can affect the health of a tree. Technicians at Crestwood’s  tree thinning services have professional experience and expertise. This is important in order to maintain and protect the stability of the tree’s health. Your tree will have a naturally balanced canopy and it will keep your (possibly very expensive) tree looking healthy and beautiful for years.


The Benefits of Tree Thinning

Crown thinning does not impact the size or shape of the tree. But to reduce the risk of damage to the tree, the amount of foliage that gets removed must be carefully considered.

Poor thinning can result in unbalanced branch weight, weakened branch structure, epicormic growth and branch failure.

But done properly, tree thinning services will have a range of benefits:


  • Light to the interior. Thinning means sunlight can reach the interior of the crown, making the whole tree healthier.
  • Light through the canopy. If a tree is too thick it can block natural sunlight.
  • Wind protection. Wind cannot pass as easily through thick branches and this increases the chance of a tree coming down in strong winds.
  • Flowers and fruits. When a tree has been thinned there is more sunlight and fewer branches so, the flower and fruit production will be higher.
  • Reduces pests. Thinning a tree makes life more difficult for tree pests.


Free Quotes

If you’re looking for a tree thinning near me service, or need advice talk with our specialist tree surgeons. We work with a range of tree and hedge species, for both commercial and domestic services.

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We can help advise the most practical solution for your trees, with both your objectives and the tree’s health in mind.