Crown thinning does not affect or alter the size or shape of the tree. It is a systematic removal of smaller branches to achieve a number of things including reducing wind resistance or allowing light to pass through more freely. Much like a reduction, consideration should be placed on what is removed, in order to maintain and protect the stability of the tree’s health. However it does not impact the size or shape of the tree, and attention must be paid to the amount of foliage removed, ensuring a naturally balanced canopy.

Poor thinning practice can result in unbalanced branch weight, weakened branch structure, epicormic growth and branch failure.

Crown cleaning is the removal of crossing, dead, hazardous or sub-optimal branches to promote a healthy canopy and mitigate any risk. Stronger growth is promoted where small growth problems are corrected before they become larger issues.

We can help advise the most practical solution for your trees, with both your objectives and the trees health in mind.