tree stump animated

Your tree stump might need removing for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s a hazard or perhaps it’s taking up space and in the way. Perhaps it’s just plain old unattractive.

And there are various ways to deal with an unwanted tree stump. But tree stump grinding is the fastest approach to tree stump removal.

You can find solutions online, but not all trees were created equal. To be sure the job is done properly tree stump removal requires professional understanding.

For example, tree species differ and the spread or depth of the roots will affect how easily the stump can be removed. The age of the tree, and its size also need to be considered. Not all tree stumps can be removed using the array of methods found online.

Some are much faster than others. And manual stump removal is hard work.


Safe Stump Removal

Stump grinding equipment is hazardous. And as well as the weight of the machines, you may also need additional equipment such as chainsaws before you begin use any stump grinding equipment.

With any service using hazardous equipment there is a risk of damage to property and people. So at Crestwood we always put the safety of people and property first.

Safety should be the first thing any contractor thinks about. The equipment is dangerous and requires specialist training and licences.

As well as the equipment, when it comes to stump grinding there is also the risk of flying debris. So, it’s vital that anyone carrying out the work puts safety of people and property first.


Professional Tree Stump Removal Near Me

We offer professional stump grinding and specialist arboricultural services across the Essex area.

Each member of the team Crestwood Arboricultural is fully qualified. Crestwood is also fully insured, along with each member individually.

Our team is fully NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK for arboricultural and forestry competences. We work in line with British Standard 3998, the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines and HSE regulations too.


Domestic and Commercial Services

Crestwood has built a reputation for excellence and our work includes stump grinding for domestic and commercial properties. More than 70% of our work comes from existing customers or from personal recommendations. We have contracts with local authorities and can provide wood chippings for your garden if you choose.

We also offer free quotes.

To get a quote for an expert tree stump removal near me just get in touch with Crestwood. We’ll visit you and discuss the options and there’s no obligation. We’ll explain everything in detail and ensure that any regulations are followed before any work takes place. What’s more, we won’t ask for a payment until you are fully satisfied.

Arboricultural work requires expertise, training and experience. So we always suggest you use a professional when getting any work done.