Planting & Tree Sourcing

Crestwood Arboricultural offers a professional plant and tree sourcing service to help you get the absolute most from your outdoor space.

Not only can we source any tree or plant, more importantly we can advise on the right species for your particular circumstances. Each space is different and professional advice can be invaluable.

Tree sourcing with Crestwood prevents problems further down the line, for example where a species may grow too large or be too small for its space. We can also offer professional advice on whether the planting conditions are suitable for the tree or plant you want. This gives your plants and trees the best chance of long-term survival.

We have more than ten years’ experience, offering specialist plant and tree sourcing advice to both domestic and commercial clients.

Considerations When Choosing You Trees and Plants

One of the first factors in deciding which tree, plant or hedge is most suitable for your space is the reason for planting. Perhaps you are hiding a view or trying to create privacy. Perhaps you want to add a tree or hedge for aesthetic reasons.

Crestwood’s plant and tree sourcing service looks in detail at your particular circumstance to determine the species and age of the trees, hedges or shrubs that will suit your needs best.
We’ll look at all the dimensions of the space and advise on the right selection of trees and shrubs to fit, taking into account the long-term outlook of planting them.

Giving Your Trees the Best Chance

Large trees and hedges require expert handling. There might be access issues, for example, that require lifting a tree over fences or over other obstructions. Each location is different, but our experienced tree technicians can assess the area meeting the requirements that deliver years of healthy trees or plants.

Trees can be expensive and to give them the best chance they need to be handled properly from the start. That means looking at the overall site, including soil, drainage and light sources. Done properly there’s more involved than just digging a hole.

And using Crestwood for your tree sourcing means you’ll only get high quality trees and plants, which have the best chance of surviving.

What’s more we can advise and help you with a professional ongoing maintenance plan. This will keep your trees, shrubs and plants looking their best.

Choosing Crestwood for your Tree Sourcing

Every member of the Crestwood Team is fully qualified and insured. We’re specialists in the arboricultural field. From felling trees, to planting and sourcing trees our team can help.

The Crestwood team has more than ten years’ experience and is NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK for arboricultural and forestry competences.

We offer a no-obligation quote. We’ll visit you at a time that’s convenient and advise you on the best way to achieve what you want from your outdoor space.

We work with both domestic clients and commercial ones too. And around 70% of our work comes from clients that have already used Crestwood’s services, or have been recommended by someone who has.

Get in touch with Crestwood Arboricultural to see how we can help you with your planting objectives and requirements.