Hedge Trimming

Our Hedge Trimming Services 

Hedges are wonderful things and there are hundreds of thousands of miles of them in the UK. They form boundaries, look stunning and create habitats for wildlife. And to keep them looking their best, and stay healthy, they will need looking after.

If you have hedges, these will need trimming or pruning on a regular basis. Your hedge might need reshaping, it might be to help promote new growth or may need to be trimmed to stay within a boundary and not cause a hazard to passers-by.

And high hedges have also been the cause of so many neighbour disputes that the government added ‘high hedge’ legislation to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

Crestwood trim and prune hedges for both domestic and commercial customers and are called on to advise on hedge laying and planting, as well as the seasonal considerations when planting different species.


Professional Hedge Cutting

Pruning a hedge and the maintenance trimming of a hedge are slightly different approaches and done for different reasons.

And it’s important that when you want your hedge cut, you choose an experienced arboriculturalist. Hedges are often made up of different species of plant and should be pruned by a professional who understands the specific needs of your hedge.

Pruning a hedge is done to help the hedge grow healthily. So, you might consider pruning if you want to remove dead or dying branches or to remove diseased parts. This allows the hedge’s flowers to grow.

Hedge trimming for maintenance involves cutting back branches that have become overgrown, usually for aesthetic reasons. Regular trimming keeps them compact and looking neat and stops them overgrowing. Too much growth can stop light and water getting through, resulting in dead areas.


Hedge Trimming from Crestwood Arboricultural

When working with potentially hazardous arboricultural equipment, safety should be the priority.

Each member of the Crestwood team is NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK that proves competence in the areas of arboriculture and forestry. It includes safe working with chainsaws and machinery. Alongside this, our work is in line with British Standard 3998, the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines, as well as HSE regulations.

We have £10m public liability insurance and our individual team members are insured too.

And to maintain the health of your hedge and keep it looking its best, any work or pruning should only be carried out by qualified professionals, with experience of your type of hedge.

We also understand the relevant legislation relating to hedge maintenance and legal height. For example, it’s an offence to intentionally damage or destroy a wild bird’s nest in a hedge (or anywhere) while it is being built or in use.


Do You Offer Hedge Trimming Near Me?

Crestwood Arboricultural carries out hedge trimming, pruning and maintenance in both domestic and commercial properties across Essex.