Crown Reductions

Our Tree Crown Reduction Services

The part of a tree that bears the foliage is called the crown. And because trees keep growing you might find the crown on your tree has grown so much that it now needs reducing.

Perhaps you want to let through more light or to reduce the impact on the tree’s environment such as gutters blocked with leaves or to reduce the impact a tree has on a nearby structure.

When the crown becomes too large and heavy it can also cause tension stresses on existing branches, potentially making them a hazard.

Tree topping is another practice to reduce foliage, but tree topping and crown reduction are very different. Topping involves simply cutting the tops off a tree. The shoots that grow back then grow upwards. Topping a tree should only be considered in very special circumstances.


The Crestwood Expertise in Crown Reduction

Trees are expensive and it can take decades for them to grow. Unfortunately, all this can also be destroyed in seconds by inexperienced hands.

So, when making a reduction in a tree’s crown it’s crucial that the original natural framework of the tree is retained to allow the tree to grow and be healthy. Cutting causes a tree stress but the team at Crestwood are specialists. We cut the branches to a growth point further into the crown, taking into account the size, age and species of your tree.

When we plan your crown reduction, we’ll aim to keep as many of the leaf bearing branches as possible, leaving a tree that’s similarly shaped, but one that has been properly reduced to maintain its health.

It’s important to note too that not all tree species are suited to crown reduction and using incorrect reduction techniques can shock the tree, and possibly cause it to die.

A tree’s ability to be cut and maintain healthy growth is largely down to the skill of the technician.

Years of expertise and training means when we look at reducing the crown on your tree, we’ll consider things like the size and angle of the cut, along with where we actually make the cut in relation to the rest of the branch.

These are vital in keeping your tree as healthy and beautiful as possible.


Choosing Crestwood for your Crown Reduction

We always recommend that any foliage reductions and pruning should be carried out by qualified professionals. You don’t want lasting damage to a tree that’s taken decades to grow.

There is also the safe use of the various tools and the risks associated with working at height   to consider when you hire technicians. Falling branches can cause damage to property or more seriously to by-standers.

At Crestwood, safety is our priority. We are NPTC qualified, the professional standard in the UK for the arboricultural and forestry industry. This also includes proper practice in working with chainsaws. Alongside this, our work is in line with British Standard 3998, the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines, as well as HSE regulations.

Each of our individual technicians is insured and we hold £10m public liability insurance too.